Ain’t No Sunshine


Through the window darkly.

And now, for your insidious inner-soundtrack pleasure, the minute I snapped this picture, “Ain’t No Sunshine” cued up in my brain. Indeed, now, yours.
But in the interest of mitigating the musical interruption, I’ll add a short excerpt from Off the Leash.  This is from Chapter Three, “Somebody Broke In Here in the Middle of the Night and Stole My Sanity.” 
“When fiery dreams burn up our beds and spring us to our feet on the cold floor, calling us to the window to look outside, to look beyond but listen within, don’t we have an obligation to do so? I had been feeling this way for years, this longing. Looking out the window, pacing, thinking that what I needed to quiet the voices in my head hovered out there somewhere. Out there, somewhere, at the edge of the lawn, at the beginning of the road, like a low-lying fog, which, if you could change the substance from vapor to cotton candy, you just might be able to grab a hold of what makes you whole.”
And to add a little sunshine to your day, a little sunshine. Seriously, I’m not morose, don’t generally hang out at cemeteries taking pics. We just happened to be in Brussels, Illinois a few weeks ago and I liked the sky and this silver gate, not to be confused with the pearly ones.

Something actually quite soothing about this.

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  1. Oh yeah….♪♫ Ain’t no sunshine when you’re gone…♪♫ LOVE it! And I really like that photo of the gate and clouds, too….and yes, kind of soothing. (We’re in trouble, Jean! Too much alike!) LOL

  2. Benny/Sue brown says:

    Like the photo, btw I’m not finished buying your book for presents.

  3. I say get your mojo where you can find it, even if it’s a cemetery gate. You have a knack for capturing nuance.