Be Careful What You Ask For


Hey y’all,

So we, (my publisher and I ) have been wondering if the esteemed St. Louis Post-Dispatch would write a review on Off the Leash. They did.  I don’t think she really got it. But then, what do I know….

I think the first mistake was calling me a “Missourian.” No offense.

What’s that old PR maxim, “….as long as you spell my name right?”

Hmmmm… next time I guess I’ll write about what I purport to write about. But if a Gargoyle can wear a Santa hat, I certainly can take this one on the chin. Peace and love. 


This is quite wonderful, really.
Here’s to a sense of humor!.

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  1. Well, heck, I’m enjoying it! I just recently LOLed at the comment about broadcast journalists’ celebrity status.

  2. Benny/Sue brown says:

    You are right, they don’t get it! But never mind I did & thought it was wonderfully written, enjoying enough to share with friends & family. Love Sue