Nothing Like Some Funk

I knew it was a good omen when the lead-in to my interview on KTRS, THE BIG 550 A.M. was The Average White Band's, Pick Up the Pieces.  When you get an extra fourteen minutes, (I understand that's a lot)  give a listen to a fun interview, tragic backstory notwithstanding, to the interview I did on Thursday with St. Louis radio host, McGraw Milhaven. After you click on the link, click on the AUDIO tat, and it's the show dated 10-25-12. Just click the right arrow on … [Read more...]

Plunging Necklines? No Need!

You know that old saying, "you've got a face for radio?" I'll be applying the pipes come tomorrow morning on The McGraw Show on KTRS, The BIG 550, A.M. in St. Louis. I will be on the air in the 9:00 hour, probably close to 9:15 -- 9:20. McGraw Milhaven and his producer, Frank Ladd have graciously asked me back to be on McGraw's show, after being the first radio station in St. Louis to feature Libby and I, on the VERY day we embarked ( all puns intended) on our road trip … [Read more...]

Sometimes You Feel Like a Stump, Sometimes You Don’t

Okay, I told you guys I looked like a stump on the set of New Mexico Style, the TV news magazine on KASA-FOX 2 in Albuquerque. While I was tremendously appreciative of the opportunity to talk about Off the Leash in my hometown, I wish to hell SOMEBODY on the studio crew would have said, "hey Jean, pull your blouse down in the back and sit up straight, closer to the edge of the couch, instead of with your butt sunk down into the bean-bag like cushions." As they say in New … [Read more...]

Subterranean News

I'm like shuddering, but in a good way. Not the way you shudder when you see a spider, more like the way you shudder when you think about someone who kisses you and it makes you crazy, but in a good way. Ah, but I digress. I'm shuddering with excitement over my first St. Louis book signing. It will be at Subterranean Books, 6275 Delmar Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63130 on Monday, October 29th, 7:00 to 8:00 PM. Call 314.862.6100 or visit for more … [Read more...]

Deep End of the Pool

Bundle of nerves,  I am just a big old wad of wound up. I just received the Kindle file to review for Off the Leash this morning and I'm excited on the one hand because every day we're getting a little closer to actually publishing the book, but I'm as nervous as a cat because then it's out there, you out there. Exercise is good. That's what they tell you, right? (Liquor works well too, but is problematic at nine o'clock in the morning.) So I've been … [Read more...]