First Best Seller List, I’ll Take It!


Hey !

It might just be the independent book sellers in St. Louis, but I’m bustin’ at the seams to let y’all know Off the Leash made the best seller’s list this week, coming in at number four!!

I am like, SO happy about this! I even beat out Tony La Russa’s book, ha!


1. “Silenced Majority” • Amy Goodman

2. “Triangles” • Ellen Hopkins

3. “I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats” • Francesco Marciuliano

4. “Off the Leash” • Jean Ellen Whatley

5. “The Man Who Saved the Union” • H.W. Brands

6. “Hungry Girl to the Max!” • Lisa Lillien

7. “The Hobbit” • J.R.R. Tolkien

8. “Collateral” • Ellen Hopkins

9. “One Last Strike” • Tony La Russa

10. “Gone Girl” • Gillian Flynn

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Writer. Dreamer. Sometimes schemer. Journalist/memoirist/observer and sometimes constructive irritant. Prisoner of demon muses. Mother to four humans and two dogs. In my spare time, I delete phone numbers of former boyfriends.

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  1. Well, it won’t be long before it tops out! Congratulations. I see a movie in the making.

  2. Benny/Sue brown says:

    WOWIE just call me impressed that people are catching up with the rest of us in enjoying your writing!