Off the Leash Featured in First Book Review Publication!


Maybe it’s the Texas connection, maybe it’s the dog, hell, maybe it’s the odyssey, (I didn’t make that shit up, you know, about the musicians on the highway, the three of spades floating in the stream, the Jean sign telling me to “kindly park….”)

Jean, Texas

As if the road were my own. Jean, Texas.

but I’m so excited to tell you that Off the Leash is being featured in the February edition of  Shelf Unbound.  It’s a  book review magazine which reaches more than 125,000 readers in the United States and 56 countries around the globe.

My publisher sent an electronic version of Off the Leash to the magazine editor months ago, who just happens to be a sweet gal from Texas, (there’s one of two of em’ around) and she chose to feature my book in her Odyssey Edition this month. Please take time to take a look and if you would, say something…..well, sweet? 

Here’s the DL on Shelf Unbound below. Peace and love.

Shelf Unbound is a 2012 Maggie Award finalist for Best Digital-Only Magazine and a recipient of the Alliance of Independent Authors’ Honoring Excellence Award.

Shelf Unbound is proud to be a part of the Sips Card distribution network, which puts short fiction and poetry into local coffee shops around the country.

Read the latest issue of Shelf Unbound here:





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  1. Yes! Great exposure!!! So happy for you.