Our Story

Millions of us keep up the pace. We keep showing up. We take care of business. We make it look easy, never missing a step on a unending succession of treadmill days, weeks, months and years in which somebody else has set the controls. Our brains are telling us that every thing’s okay, while our hearts long for something else, something more, something better. Sometimes we don’t know what that “more” is. Sometimes we do.

We covet a dream so precious, we can scarcely say it out loud. It seems unreachable. And the fear of stepping out, the fear of breaking stride, the fear of saying “this is just not working anymore!” — that fear is more crippling than the emptiness, the loss we’ve never acknowledged, the pain we’ve never treated, the dreams we’ve set out by the curb.

What happens though, when you do step off ?

What happens when so many bad things have been thrown your way, you just can’t clear the hurdles anymore?  What happens when you get to a point where you feel if you don’t change your life, you might just lose it?

You quit your job, load up your dog, get in your car and drive — across America. This is the story of a life transformed.