Plunging Necklines? No Need!


You know that old saying, “you’ve got a face for radio?” I’ll be applying the pipes come tomorrow morning on The McGraw Show on KTRS, The BIG 550, A.M. in St. Louis. I will be on the air in the 9:00 hour, probably close to 9:15 — 9:20.

McGraw Milhaven and his producer, Frank Ladd have graciously asked me back to be on McGraw’s show, after being the first radio station in St. Louis to feature Libby and I, on the VERY day we embarked ( all puns intended) on our road trip back on July 5th, 2011.

No need for plunging necklines here, to provide that “vertical” effect — all I have it my voice. Wish me luck. Listen up if you can, or catch it here on the KTRS website.

Not only has my hair grown since I hit the road in July 2011, so have I. Thanks to you all of you. With love, Jean.

P.S. McGraw has NO idea what he’s in for…

On KTRS, 550 A.M. , July 5, 2011,  the day Libby and I went
Off the Leash. What I didn’t know then…

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  1. I’ve got my headphones on now! You’ll be great!

  2. Well, poop! I didn’t write it down…so therefore I forgot. I bet you were great! Will you have the audio link on here??