Sometimes You Feel Like a Stump, Sometimes You Don’t


Okay, I told you guys I looked like a stump on the set of New Mexico Style, the TV news magazine on KASA-FOX 2 in Albuquerque. While I was tremendously appreciative of the opportunity to talk about Off the Leash in my hometown, I wish to hell SOMEBODY on the studio crew would have said, “hey Jean, pull your blouse down in the back and sit up straight, closer to the edge of the couch, instead of with your butt sunk down into the bean-bag like cushions.” As they say in New Mexico, a la vey, esse’

I am a commercial video producer (on top of my skyrocketing writing career)  for cryin’ out loud!!! I tell people all the time, “sit up straight, sit on your shirttail, don’t slouch…..) Okay, enough self-flagellation I suppose. Damnit.

New Mexico Style on KASA-FOX 2, Book of the Month, with Jean Ellen Whatley

Anyway, I’m just saying, normally, I don’t look this fat. And you know what? If you can’t make fun of yourself, who else can you make fun of, right?

Note to self: V-necks, baby, V-necks.



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  1. We are always our worse critic. You looked great!

    • You are very kind. This was not, as my mother used to say, “fishing for compliments.” I was just being truthful, and so are you, we are always our worst critics. I consider it a good lesson. :)