The Best Day of My Life, So Far (by Libby)

Hello humans, I figure it's about time you heard it from the horse's mouth, well really the dog's mouth. And by the way, horses are huge and scare the crap out of me and sometimes they wear these scary masks!       Cows are worse. And elevators! OMG! So far no snakes, but we've got four more states to go, I heard Jean talking on the phone. But, what the hell? If Sean got a crack at a "guest post" then it's high time it was my turn. Nobody asked me if I … [Read more...]

Laurel Canyon Doggie Diva, only in L.A. Dude

Friday night in L.A. and I am WAY behind on my stories, y'all. BUT I did want to share this little clip to amuse you on a Friday night. Judy runs a service called Schmuttles. Check it out. I am SO homesick.... Love you all. Jean … [Read more...]

L.A. Inspirational

Hey everybody,  just wanted to post a quick update today, geographically, I'm out in front of the many stories I still have in my pocket about Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, but.... I HAVE NOW OFFICIALLY DRIVEN ACROSS THE UNITED STATES WITH LIBBY AND WE'VE LIVED TO TELL ABOUT IT !!!! I'm now at my son and daughter-in-law's (Nathan and Melissa)  humble abode in beautiful, downtown Los Angeles and I'll have a ton more stuff to write about, including a PHONE number and … [Read more...]