Chi-Town Chicken Bones

A year ago today, I was in Chicago. Lovely city. With it only being day three of "THE TRIP"  however, we were still in shake down mode. I'm not talking about robbing someone nor being robbed, I'm talking about learning how to navigate things like pooping in public, (her, not me)  going to off leash parks and how to prevent her from choking to death on same damn old chicken bone. It would be a challenging, yet pivotal, two days. I'd had one of those oh shit moments … [Read more...]

Chicago, Chicago, It’s A Helluva Town

Libby digs it. In my next life, when I’m independently wealthy and can afford a condo in Chicago, NYC or L.A., she’ll fit right into the urban pace, a.k.a., nine walks per day. Seriously. That’s how many times I had to take her outside to convince her that it was indeed okay to unleash her innards. I understand, humans get kinda blocked on the road too, or so I’ve heard. She got it, eventually, like seven blocks from the condo. But what she really thought was that I was … [Read more...]