Ageless Warrior

So, today's my birthday. I've been trying to be breezy about it. You know,  basking in the well wishes on Facebook, with all due thanks. Heading to New York tomorrow to see Paddy Boy, son number two. Even got free tickets to see Letterman! Too bad the guest tomorrow night is kinda lame --- especially compared to the star studded line up so far this week. Oh well, I'm lucky to have gotten tickets at all. I should be happy. Blame it on the Irish in me, I'm still feeling a … [Read more...]

We’re Going

I’m taking my dog on a road trip. Not a short one, a long one. It’ll be about 8,400 miles, more or less, by the time we get back home. Lord knows what I’ll find when I return. I planted drought-resistant flowers just to hedge my bets. I hope they make it, because we’re going. I’m quitting my job and Libby and I are going. I may run out of gas, fall on my ass and not even make it home, but we’re going. It’s Libby’s fault. She started it. Her acceptance of the … [Read more...]