Coming Soon to a Radio Near You! U-Turn in Utah, The Sequel

Fate versus randomness. I don't know about you, but I still struggle with this. Although after last summer's road trip across the country, you may be saying, "are you kidding?"  I mean when something wonderful happens don't we automatically gravitate toward the "meant to be" column of our lives? Whereas, if we just happen to be in a restaurant and somebody chokes on a piece of steak and we just happen to know the Heimlich Maneuver, wouldn't that  justifiably  fall under … [Read more...]

U-turn in Utah

I used to work with a great new shooter in St. Louis who said, "you know it's not really a story until you've had to make three U-turns." That was back in the day before GPS, when TV reporters, riding shotgun, were expected to read the map at the speed of spot news. This was typically about 80 mph, while the "shooter" (aka "videographer") at the wheel, was hollering "which way am I supposed to fucking turn?" They hated missing the flames. I was clippin' along at about … [Read more...]