A Little Piece of My Heart In Her Water Bowl

I’ve already gotten used to the rhythm, of Brooklyn, on Lefferts Place, in this particular corner of this teeming city -- the morning sounds;  the sidewalk construction, kids shooting hoops out on the sidewalk, mothers pushing babies in strollers that prattle and clack on uneven pavement, cars blasting hip hop, planes on final descent into LaGuardia, the phantom whoosh of the subway, people walking by talking into cell phones, or thin air. And these are not even folks … [Read more...]

Into the Light

I'm in Brooklyn, trying to write in a hipster coffee shop, with alternative music blaring, where hipster types (if you've been to Brooklyn lately, you know what I mean) have flocked to sip iced coffee and get out of the heat. I don't blame them, beastly hot here. Libby's at my son Pat's apartment around the corner. I was never so glad to see one of my kids in all my life! He's working today, no wifi at his place unless you hang out the window... so I gave up on that … [Read more...]