He Gave Me Shelter

Social media being the thing we often love to hate, Facebook did serve a purpose in delivering news this week that a good friend of our family had passed away suddenly in Winston-Salem. My daughter in Memphis sent around the news to my now far flung brood and we took turns emailogizing our friend David. While their family begins the slow, unwelcome process of figuring out how life will be without a husband, father, grandfather, brother, I feel so blessed that I … [Read more...]

Carolina Comfort

Before I roll into Texas and the history palooza this immersion will undoubtedly prompt, I'd just like to tell you why I love North Carolina. I guarandamntee you I will choke up writing this. (Now that we've clearly detected a pattern here....) It's because it took care of me. North Carolina took care of me and my children, time and time and time again. A brief history: I moved to NC in February of 1992, the trailing spouse of husband #2, whom I'll call Rick. He was … [Read more...]

Fuel for the Journey! Thank you IAMS !!!!!!

Today is day 21 on my coast-to-coast road trip with my dog. So far, I've stopped in: Springfield, (IL) Chicago, Holy Toledo!; Youngstown, OH; Philadelphia; NYC; Washington, DC; Waynesboro and Culpeper, VA; and tonight, I'm in Winston-Salem, a lovely little city in the Piedmont area of North Carolina, which places it conveniently about an hour and a half to the mountains, four hours to the blessed Carolina coast. Yes, this is a real photo below. I genuinely love it … [Read more...]