Paul Frisworld

Off the Leash -- it ain't the money, the possibilities of the future or even the idea that tomorrow can be better; it's the belief that now is the time to live. … [Read more...]


... a tell-all memoir told with beauty and insight, honesty and grit. Her midnight window staring is poetically explained: "When fiery dreams burn up our beds and spring us to our feet ...." She illuminates the common "I can't do this anymore" as a longing "so deep that to ignore it would be like leaving a baby in the road." And she occasionally swears like a lumberjack. … [Read more...]

L. Lee Star

Jean Ellen sees even trivial circumstances as a sign of hope, without seeming unrealistically Pollyanna or saccharine, and she does this all while maintaining her very real, very human voice. … [Read more...]

Lucille Zimmerman, Counselor, Author, Teacher, Littleton

You'll feel yourself considering your own life--the ups and the downs--believing that life is beautiful and it is hard, but always worth living. There were so many times I found myself chocking down tears or laughing at Jean's raw and attentive view of the world. Read this book. … [Read more...]

Sue, Graford

Your writing is addictive, I just hope it’s not fattening! … [Read more...]

Taylor, Milwaukee

The only thing I can say is thank you. … [Read more...]

Michael, Houston

Brilliant! I laughed. I cried. This is real life in America, Jean. You’re becoming my 21st century Steinbeck. … [Read more...]


Everyone can learn something from this book, be free to follow your heart. Speaks to everyone, no matter your background! … [Read more...]


A truly inspirational tale of a woman risking it all for a shot at true happiness. This is a story that ALL can relate to. It will make you laugh it will make you cry and most importantly it will make you appreciate the love we have for our dogs! … [Read more...]

Linda O’Connell

...This is a story of secrets, unbelievable betrayal, truth, memories, regrets and self-discovery...Libby, her canine companion was along for the ride. Readers will feel as if they are riding shotgun. Warning: fasten your seat belts. A five star book! … [Read more...]