The Best Day of My Life, So Far (by Libby)

Libby the dog - Santa Barbara

“I’m gonna level with you about this trip.” Santa Barbara, CA

Hello humans,

I figure it’s about time you heard it from the horse’s mouth, well really the dog’s mouth.

And by the way, horses are huge and scare the crap out of me and sometimes they wear these scary masks!



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Cows are worse. And elevators! OMG! So far no snakes, but we’ve got four more states to go, I heard Jean talking on the phone.

But, what the hell? If Sean got a crack at a “guest post” then it’s high time it was my turn.

Nobody asked me if I wanted to go on this trip. It’s cool and all, but 8,479 miles? Really? Don’t get me wrong, I love riding in the car, but seriously…this has been a bit over the top.

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NYC was crazy! We walked for blocks and blocks and blocks before I found a decent place to pee. Jean kept telling me, “go pee-pee, Libby” like I wasn’t trying? Please.

Libby at Choice Greene

“It says green, but there’s no grass! Where’s a girl to pee?” Brooklyn, NY.

And, truth be told, I don’t LIKE going to the bathroom in front of people. Do you? I prefer to poop in the privacy and comfort of my own back yard. I check the perimeter, then I scout out one of my favorite spots. I take great pleasure in this morning routine, much like you guys do. I showed Louie all the good spots.

Libby and Louie the dogs

“See how he is? He’s a pushy little brat.” St. Louis, MO

That little twerp has probably taken over my ENTIRE kingdom by now. Oh, and Jean’s bed. How I long for that bed!!! These motel beds are cool and all, the Motel 6 place, which now that we’ve stayed in 2,000 of them, we’ve got the drill down.

Jean pulls up, she takes me for a quick trot to some tiny patch of grass, tiny being the operative word, especially out here in the God forsaken dessert, (humans are silly) and then she puts me back in the car, where she’s parked in the shade and goes in to find us another bed with the bedspreads that have cars and cactus and the Grand Canyon on them. Well, let me tell you, dawg, I have been to the Grand Canyon and there are TONS of squirrels there. Tons. Jean was all freaked out there, wouldn’t let me off the leash at that park. Hell, it’s a park! I just don’t understand her sometimes.

Jean Whatley and Libby - Grand Canyon

“I hate it when she won’t let me chase squirrels.” Grand Canyon National Park

She lets me out at these other parks. I’ve never sniffed so many other dogs in my life, and pits are as common as houseflies. Except in Texas, the damn flies are as big as birds and they bite my tail and piss me off. But, back to the dogs. People in NYC are dog crazy. In L.A. too — I met this really nice lady who looks like Lisa Kudrow, at least that’s what Jean said, I have no idea who that is.

Daisy - A Rescued Dog

“Daisy is a perfectly good dog. She’s lucky this chick who looks like a movie star rescued her.” Los Angeles, CA

The lady told Jean she’d rescued this perfectly good dog called Daisy just days away from being put down. (That makes me want to throw up the grass I just ate, just thinking about it…)

Man, her masters were real assholes. They took her to the shelter, a.k.a. death row, after she’d lived with them for ten years! That’s just cold, man.

Daisy’s got plenty of life still in her and this woman is just crazy about her, you could tell how happy they are. We ran into them on the way to the best place I have ever been, so far.

It was a beach, JUST FOR DOGS!!! Jean and my brother Nate and his cute wife, Melissa, drove like for over an hour to take ME, (me!!!) to the coolest place I have ever been!

Melissa and Nate - Huntington Dog Beach

“Melissa and Nate are really nice. They suggested the dog beach!” Huntington Beach, CA

It looked kinda scary when we were walking down the ramp….

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But I saw like all the other dogs really getting into it….

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And, man, I just gotta tell you, I ran SO hard and I like jumped and ran some more. And I licked up some of the water, too. It was kinda weird, but the water felt good, a lot better than when I have to take a bath. And the cool thing was, THEY JUST LET ME RUN AND RUN AND RUN AND RUN!!!

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And they didn’t make me stop real fast and come back, it was so awesome.

Libby at Huntington Dog Beach

“They didn’t even try to stop me!” Huntington Dog Beach


Libby at Surf City USA

“Have you heard of something called gyros?” Surf City, USA

Jean started crying when she saw me having so much fun. She’s so weird, she cries when she’s happy and cries when she’s sad, I should know, it’s just been me and her for almost eight weeks now.

So, we REALLY enjoyed this day at the beach. Afterward, we stopped at this cool place and the nice lady gave me lamb meat.

On the way home, Jean fell asleep in the car, we’re not used to having someone in the front seat.


Jean and Libby Napping

“Good thing she wasn’t driving.”

I think I’ll dream about this day for all the rest of my life. At first I was kinda scared, I didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous, you know, not being on my leash and all. And there was a LOT of water. But then, I just went for it. I think this is what you humans call joy.

Libby - Happy at Huntington Beach

“I just feel happy.”

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  1. Love this one. Glad Libby had a chance to speak.

  2. Loved it! The travels through the mouth of a dog! They truly are a WOman’s best friend.

  3. Libby your so awesome! Jean’s so lucky to have such a great dog like you. XOXO

  4. You are both so lucky to have each other! Take care of her, Libby…and may you both have many more “best days of your lives”

  5. Awww! This is so sweet! We rescued our Boston Terrier, Gummi, in S. Korea last year and recently adopted another dog, Rufus, here in Canada. I definitely cried when Gummi and Rufus started playing together and I could see how much fun they were having… I went with Melissa and my pug Elsa to the dog beach several years ago when I was living in L.A. Coolest place ever! I would love to go back to the dog beach with Gummi and Rufus.

  6. Aww, sweet post from a different perspective. Still having fun. This was great.

  7. Seeing her rip and run through that water, and then shake the water off and do it over and over again was SO damn cute. I never thought she’d go near the surf, but she loved it. I swear, it was worth the whole trip just to see her have that much fun. Like taking a kid to a carnival for the first time.

  8. Dennis Moore says:

    Yay…. We’ve been waiting to hear from Libby!! We (Effie, Otis, and Gussie — our three boston terriers who know all about Libby’s adventure and are jealous as Hell) are so excited that Libby is having the time of her life! Safe travels, Jean!

  9. Just precious, precious. What a wonderful friend for you to have with you. And, I am glad that Libby is eating better than MacDonald’s. Wait — am I revealing a pattern here with that comment?

  10. I love Libby’s insights – and had no idea there were squirrels at the Grand Canyon! Libby, I think it’s understandable why you were kept on a leash there… I love the last photo – a pure, wonderful image of joy.


  12. Marilyn Roberts says:

    Libby, I can tell that you are having the time of your life at the beach! I have Iams and Milk Bones when you are in California next time! Also have a glass of wine for your partner.