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We stopped at farmer's markets anywhere we could.

We stopped at farmer’s markets anywhere we could.


If you’re in the neighborhood, or want to fly in for some strawberries or Kettle Korn, stop by the Webster Groves Farmers Market tomorrow, May 23rd, where my travelin’ partner and I will be signing copies of Off the Leash. Well, Libby will be on the leash, otherwise, she’d take off with the first person to offer her a scrap of meat. Look for Libby to be laying on her back, letting people rub her belly. Hell, I might do that if you buy TWO books!

Webster Groves Farmers Market, Big Bend and Old Orchard, at Gazebo Park. We’ll be there from 3:00 to 6:30 PM, rain or shine. Hope for shine.



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  1. What do I get if I buy 3 books, Jean? I’ll try to stop by.

  2. Jean–Unfortunately, the end of the school year (AKA my shelves and cabinets are full of crapola) is crazy, so I will not be able to stop by. However, I’d watch out for that Gerry character. He might buy four books just to see what happens. ;)