Sisters in Ink

The young woman in the ladies room was washing her armpits with a damp paper towel. She tossed it in the trash, then waved her hand in front of the sensor, twice. Double load. She tore it off, ran warm water over the paper, wrung it out, and swabbed her underarms again. Helluva time for your deodorant to fail. By the time I came out of the stall, she had put her houndstooth blazer back on and was reapplying her lipstick. Confidence restored. It’s been a long time … [Read more...]

Cue the Puppies

Behold the gatekeepers. The Slice Literary Writers’ Conference I attended in Brooklyn last weekend proved to be an eye opener. It was a privilege honestly, to see and hear first-hand from the real deal in this moving target we call publishing. I refer to them as gatekeepers, not to be churlish, but simply to acknowledge that the agents, editors, publishers and publicists, sitting on panels with their names on poster board table tents in front of them, constituted a … [Read more...]

Never Seen So Many Books

Have you?  Thanks to The Book House for hosting us today. Tony and I talked all about New Mexico, I left and immediately went and bought a taco at Nacho Mama's up the street, home of the drive-through marg.  Note that my foot is firmly planted on Libby's leash. There was a cat in the back room. … [Read more...]

Lure of the mic, uh, I mean “road”

Well... okay, so most people are not tuned in to the radio on Memorial Day Morning, but me and ol' Charlie waxed poetic about the Art of Acceleration. Here's a link if you'd like to give a listen to Off the Leash Behind the Mic on the Charlie Brennan Show.  … [Read more...]

Fresh Picked, Locally Grown, Locally Published

  If you're in the neighborhood, or want to fly in for some strawberries or Kettle Korn, stop by the Webster Groves Farmers Market tomorrow, May 23rd, where my travelin' partner and I will be signing copies of Off the Leash. Well, Libby will be on the leash, otherwise, she'd take off with the first person to offer her a scrap of meat. Look for Libby to be laying on her back, letting people rub her belly. Hell, I might do that if you buy TWO books! Webster Groves … [Read more...]

Warms the Cockles of This Writer’s Heart

Thanks to The Jupiter Girls Book Club for posing with my book!  Will Skype for food. I'll just eat mine here. … [Read more...]

Coming Soon to a Coffee House Near You

Well, some of you... Remy, the wonderful and pretty gal who owns Abode Coffee House in the hip, happenin' burb of Webster Groves has graciously allowed me to come and do my dog & Jean show, on Friday, March 15th. Folks can get all wound up on coffee, or wind down with a glass of wine. She's got good food too. Now, one of the other good things about being back in the saddle in the freelance (no, it's NOT free...) video business, aside from an occasional check, (as … [Read more...]

St. Louis Launch and a Whole Lotta Love

Thanks to all the wonderful folks who turned out last night for the kick-off event at Subterranean Books in the famous U City Loop in St. Louis. I tried not to be too loopy. That made my publisher, Blank Slate Press,  very happy. This is just a brief snippet from the evening. Oh believe, me, there will be more. Peace and love. … [Read more...]

Nothing Like Some Funk

I knew it was a good omen when the lead-in to my interview on KTRS, THE BIG 550 A.M. was The Average White Band's, Pick Up the Pieces.  When you get an extra fourteen minutes, (I understand that's a lot)  give a listen to a fun interview, tragic backstory notwithstanding, to the interview I did on Thursday with St. Louis radio host, McGraw Milhaven. After you click on the link, click on the AUDIO tat, and it's the show dated 10-25-12. Just click the right arrow on … [Read more...]

Plunging Necklines? No Need!

You know that old saying, "you've got a face for radio?" I'll be applying the pipes come tomorrow morning on The McGraw Show on KTRS, The BIG 550, A.M. in St. Louis. I will be on the air in the 9:00 hour, probably close to 9:15 -- 9:20. McGraw Milhaven and his producer, Frank Ladd have graciously asked me back to be on McGraw's show, after being the first radio station in St. Louis to feature Libby and I, on the VERY day we embarked ( all puns intended) on our road trip … [Read more...]