Laurel Canyon Doggie Diva, only in L.A. Dude


Friday night in L.A. and I am WAY behind on my stories, y’all. BUT I did want to share this little clip to amuse you on a Friday night. Judy runs a service called Schmuttles. Check it out.

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I am SO homesick….

Love you all. Jean

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  1. Interesting woman. Not crazy about her sleeve. Way too dark to see what the design even is. I would kill myself if I had to do this job. But she seems very happy. Oy Vey is all I can say.

  2. Hmmm, she looks happy, and I’ll bet her story is one for the book. Miss you too.

  3. Schmuttles!!!! I love it!!! This is a great idea and she seems happy doing it. Weirdly enough, I got homesick listening to her, too – she has the same voice as one of my aunts! Thanks for sharing this and I hope and Libby are enjoying yourselves out there in LA – it definitely seems like you are!

  4. hi jean! judy rudin of Supershmuttle here. what a pleasure meeting you and Libby the other day at the Laurel Canyon Dog Park! your travels today brought me back to my travels with my dogs of yesteryear. i so miss that time i spent on the road with my labs, first Scheise, and then Jersey. but i especially miss them. everyday. always & forever. although i have 4 pups (!) now and i’m surrounded daily by dozens of pups, nothing will ever replace the time we spent together.
    it’s a special time in our lives when we live each moment knowing how special that moment is. the road does that for us. solitude does that for us. and to share that solitude and the road with our best friend, is as i said at the end of your video interview with me,
    “off the chart and off the leash.”
    Travel on, Travel Light… judy