Too Much Time on My Hands

Suffice it to say a book about an eight-week sojourn across the country with nobody but a dog contains a lot of self-reflection. Was thinking about that this morning, when I was noticing how the early morning light creates interesting shadows and contrasts, something I can indulge in as a gainfully, unemployed writer. This immediately made me think of this day last year, and my pleasant stay at the EconoLodge where I went into somewhat of a significant tailspin of … [Read more...]

Akron Rocks!

Late in the day Saturday, after my “holy Toledo !” Motel 6 night from hell, I’m looking for a dog park in Akron to give Lib a chance to stretch her legs. We hit the trifecta, as it was not only a nice, clean, freshly mown park, with really nice folks and friendly dogs, it was a beautiful evening as well.  Course we had to cruise the requisite “every city USA” main drag. Market Street, I believe. They are all painfully the same, cut-and-paste America, where an eager … [Read more...]

Bad Boy, Bad Boy, Watcha Gonna Do?

Sunset just west of Toledo last night and I was feeling all zenny, enjoying the late afternoon shadows laid across all manner of barns, big and small, old and new, red and weathered beyond all palette recognition and my GPS told me I just eleven miles out from my Motel 6 stop for the night. Remember, I’m on a budget, as in: I don’t have a job. Son Pat had booked it for me, as I was too busy trying to get out of the snarl of traffic in Chicago, (bad taste after a lovely … [Read more...]