Hecho En Mexico, Well, Not So Much

The comedy of errors continues in my path to higher education. Two years ago, almost to the day—I graduated after a 42-year summer break, from the University of New Mexico with my B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication. Seemed fitting, since I’d been a journalist for lo these many years, with a few political press gigs, corporate communications and a truck load of video production dumped in, just for good measure, and, well, better pay. I was super proud. I felt … [Read more...]

Holes in Our Hearts and Maybe My Head

**Originally posted, July 2011, Revised July 2013** The sign in front of the Standard Artificial Limbs store always makes me think of my step father.  On the day he died at the VA hospital in Albuquerque, after my mother and I summoned the rest of the family to tell them he’d passed, once everybody took turns patting him on his rapid cooling forehead, we all walked out into the broiling parking lot, the blacktop almost spongy under the August dessert sun, with my … [Read more...]

Thank You Barack Obama

Opening the mail around my house these days is rarely a pleasant experience, given the back drop of daily toil and trouble as a self-employed writer.  Can you spell plague, as in that’s how vigorously I avoid opening the mail. Except today, I got little present from the Prez. Seems that Golden Rule, the medical insurance company from whom I purchased private health care coverage in 2011, was forced to GIVE ME A LITTLE MONEY BACK! Why? It’s because of the Affordable … [Read more...]